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Consultation Services

BrainWorks offers consultant services in a variety of areas to schools and professionals to improve student and employee outcomes. 

  • Professional Development on the Science of Reading

  • Professional Development about neurodevelopment including the connection between motor coordination/motor planning, sensory processing, and academic achievement

  • Professional Development about the effects of trauma on the brain and learning

  • Professional Development about the various facets of dyslexia and/or executive function, including ADHD

  • Individual Classroom and/or Student Observations

  • Literacy Curriculum Evaluation

  • Teacher Coaching and Support

  • Student Case Analysis

  • Employee Training about Stress, Trauma, and Performance

  • Employee Training on how to incorporate meaningful and purposeful intentional movement into the day

All trainings and PD sessions are personalized based on your staff, employees, and current needs. 

Current pricing for consultation services:

Full Day (6 or more hours): $1500.00

Half Day (3-4 hours): $800.00

Hourly Rate: $300.00

Materials and travel (if more than 60 miles from Clackamas) are not included in this rate. 

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