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Bundled Services

Most children who come to the clinic need a variety of services and often these need to be bundled. For example, a child might need to do a quick ten minute assessment, do their reflex integration appointment and then have a reading lesson. The standard cost is $150 for a 60 minute appt for all services but they are outlined individually below.


Cognitive and Academic Assessments


Executive Function, Reading, and Math Assessment: $800 and up

Reading Assessment: Start at $250. Depends on how many tests are administered

Dyslexia Assessment: $650

Custom Assessment: TBD

Report for School: $150

Reflex Integration and Modulation

New Intake Appt (90-120 min): $200

Regular Appts (60 min): $150

Appointment Packages: 10 appointments (reg. $1500); as a package $1350

                                        20 appointments (reg $3000); as a package $2550

                                        Packages must be paid in full up-front and are non-refundable

                                        Packages can be shared among members of the same immediate family

PTSD & Trauma Recovery

New Intake Appt (90-120 min): $200

Regular Appts (60 min): $150

IEP Review or Assistance

Charged in billable hours @$150/hour in 15 min increments.

This includes case file review, letter and/or report writing

Advocacy Services

Advocacy includes IEP review but also includes IEP attendance, communication with the case manager and district staff, and case management. 

A retainer of $1500 is required up front

Services are billed @$150/hr in 15 min increments, including travel, phone calls, emails, etc. 

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