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We provide a range of services to serve people across the lifespan, from infants to elderly adults.

Our services include:

  • Primitive Reflex Integration

  • Trauma and PTSD Somatic-based Therapy

  • Educational Assessment

  • Multi-sensory, Intensive Reading Intervention

  • Special Education Advocacy

  • IEP review and assistance


All assessments are personally conducted by Dr. Mollway. 50% of the assessment fee is due at the time of booking with the remainder due at the first appointment. For assessments that include a report, all reports are provided within seven days of assessment. 




Primitive Reflex Assessment and Integration


Certified in three different modalities and with 15 years of experience working with hundreds of children, Dr. Mollway has a deep understanding of neurodevelopment and its impact on motor coordination, sensory processing, emotional regulation, cognition, and learning.  Each of the major primitive reflex patterns will be assessed. This is appropriate for children with developmental delays and those who are pre-k who did not meet developmental milestones, those with speech/ articulation or sensory processing challenges; or those with behavioral and/or emotional regulation difficulties. Includes a discussion of results and a treatment plan to integrate any present reflex patterns.  Sessions are usually no more than once per week. Dr. Mollway will provide parents with 15-20 minutes of simple movements to do with their child each night so there must be a caregiver committed to the implementation of the plan at each session. 

Trauma & PTSD Somatic Therapy

Our bodies and brain only have two main responses to stress and trauma-the fear paralysis and fight-or-flight response. Although cognitive therapy can be very helpful to overcome the effects of trauma and abuse, we also hold these in our nervous system and our muscle memory. Using a combination of movements to deactivate the stress response and release it from muscle memory; listening therapy with the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP); and mindfulness, we can release trauma from our systems for good. Dr. Mollway was done specialized training in reflex integration and PTSD and has helped many people move into a new space in their life where they are not just surviving but thriving. This approach is appropriate for children, teens, and adults who have experienced trauma including child abuse and neglect; physical or sexual abuse/assault; emotional abuse; violence; combat; extreme grief; accidents, and more. This is not a talk-based approach. Sessions are generally once per week at first but then taper off based on client need. 


Cognitive and Academic Evaluation

At BrainWorks, we look at a child holistically and through a developmental lens. Test scores are valuable only when there is context for them. In our assessments, we look at foundational brain development, cognitive functioning in targeted areas, as well as how those pieces impact academic achievement. In addition, we will make clear recommendations for academic interventions and make referrals to other professionals based on our findings. You will have a clear understanding of your child’s needs and strengths as well as a path forward to help address those needs.


The cost of the assessment includes preparation for the assessment, the hours of the assessment itself, scoring and interpretation, analysis and report writing, discussion of the results, and the cost of the assessment materials.


Full Learning Assessment 


This assessment will give you a clear understanding of your child’s strengths and challenges and how these impact reading and mathematical learning, attention, and classroom performance. Most families who choose this assessment are concerned about possible dyslexia and a lack of progress in reading or learning in general. Testing will occur over 2-4 appointments depending on the age of the child and ability to attend. Includes a full written report and discussion of results.


This assessment includes cognitive testing in targeted areas including executive function and working memory; expressive and receptive language; phonological processing; auditory processing; reading; math; and a full primitive reflex evaluation. This is a comprehensive evaluation.


Dyslexia/Reading-Specific Assessment


In this focused assessment, we look at the factors involved in dyslexia-phonological processing; word attack; oral reading; rapid automatized naming; and orthography. In addition, key primitive reflex patterns are assessed, including Moro, ATNR, and STNR. This assessment is done in 2-3 sessions depending on the child’s age and ability to attend. Includes a full written report and discussion of results.


Custom Assessment


Sometimes children do not fit neatly into a category. We can custom design an assessment based on your children’s presentation, developmental history, and parental concerns.

IEP Assistance/Review (beginning in July 2022)

The IEP process can be daunting and overwhelming. Having a knowledgeable and experienced professional review your child's IEP can be a life-saver. We will look at all areas of the IEP, including the assessments given, the results, and interpretation of those results; the present levels of performance, services provided, appropriateness for the child, and goals/objectives. In addition, we will determine whether the district has implemented the IEP as written, if they've tested in all areas of suspected disability, and what steps you can take moving forward to  improve the services your child is provided.

Advocacy (beginning in July 2022)

After reviewing the IEP and determining your child's needs, you might decide that you need help communicating these needs effectively to your child's school. The IEP meetings can be a bit scary and sometimes it is hard to not get emotional when you are struggling to get what your child needs. This is when it is a good idea to have an advocate attend the IEP with you. As your advocate, Dr. Mollway can communicate with the school personnel on your behalf and work with them to make sure your child gets the supports and services they need. This might include advocating for independent evaluations, compensatory education, or another educational placement. We always start by working with the district professionals. Because Dr. Mollway has nearly 30 years of educational experience, she understands the terminology, processes, and limitations of the public school setting. 

Specialized Reading Instruction-$75/session

(not currently available)

Once the presence of a reading disability has been identified, many children will require intensive, specialized instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, decoding skills, orthography, and comprehension strategies. Using an Orton-Gillingham based approach personalized to your child and coupled with reflex integration and true multi-sensory instruction, Dr. Mollway has a long history of reaching students with significant reading difficulties who previously did not respond to instruction. A full reading and reflex assessment by BrainWorks is required before beginning reading instruction. 

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